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Printle No.59 122 Jul  DaveHughes
Heidelberg cylinder 121 Jul  forme
Heidelberg cylinder 121 Jul  forme
Metal Type News 116 Jul  DaveHughes
Miehle No. 3 flatbed press 214 Jul  AdLibPress
Metal Type News 111 Jul  DaveHughes
Comic relief 110 Jul  typecomp
Looking for a mechanic to repair a... 84 Jul  Joseph A
Press Shipping 54 Jul  Joseph A
Treadle for Pearl Old Style 53 Jul  petspo1
Thank you Briar Press 82 Jul  kimaboe
Metal Type News 12 Jul  DaveHughes
Opinions: Challenge #0 or #2 quoins? 41 Jul  jrunberg
For Donation 61 Jul  Hillary H Bishop
Another Person Needing Help Moving... 929 Jun  zbang
Metal Type News 127 Jun  DaveHughes
New Gage Pins 326 Jun  enriquevw
Garamond italic 36pt 224 Jun  dazza
Slotted Showcard Wood Type? 1024 Jun  suzewood
Gauging Interest 1121 Jun  Hillary H Bishop
Metal Type Latest 118 Jun  DaveHughes
Angle-body wood type wedges 217 Jun  John Horn
Duplexing Paper 414 Jun  ericm
Metal Type latest . . . 18 Jun  DaveHughes
A new Gage Pin 37 Jun  VM
Printle No.52 - It's Been a Year! 13 Jun  DaveHughes
Availability of Letterpress Gauge... 51 Jun  letterpressstudio
Blades for Funditor Saw 231 May  cmcgarr
Metal Type News 130 May  DaveHughes
Metal Type News 228 May  bppayne
help installing new grippers -... 825 May  kimaboe
"BLIGHTED" type and cleaning... 2124 May  shoalcreek
Golding Improved Pearl #11 parts... 421 May  mailwellshippin...
deleted 120 May  winking cat press
Are you Printle-ing yet? 120 May  DaveHughes
Mystery treadle on Challenge 15GP... 919 May  LiberApertus
Golding Jobber #7 in in-house... 417 May  emilyrose
Info about an OLD Kelsey Excelsior... 516 May  jrunberg
Metal Type news 116 May  DaveHughes
Monotype Welliver CompCAT - Website... 315 May  DaveHughes
Showcard Press Accessories and... 315 May  dbuerer
Poco Restoration 1015 May  bppayne
Refurbishing an old style C&P Pilot 89 May  jrunberg
Trip to London 39 May  Albion_press
Printle No.48 16 May  DaveHughes
Where do I find Spanish Characters... 44 May  j archibald
Moving A Press 91 May  Geoffrey
Duplicate - pls remove 11 May  jrunberg
Duplicate - pls remove 11 May  jrunberg
Where do I find Spanish Characters... 129 Apr  TeamNerd