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I need some help with this type from europe20 Sep 18
Type from Europe3 May 18
Interrobang - Letterpress Event24 Mar 17
Tribune Showprint Inc23 Nov 16
C&P 8x12 OS / Golding Pearl 11 with treadle 12 Aug 16
Babcock Optimus 8 Apr 16
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If your press still has its original...25 Mar
That Adam savage video made me...10 Aug
With type cabinets you have to worry...5 Jun
Came here to say the same. My most...7 Feb
Rob from Tribune here, If you wanna...21 Dec
Double post 6 Dec
P22 makes a 6 line set similar to alpha...6 Dec
This is the smallest one they made and...1 Dec
I’ve seen this on presses pounding...15 Jan
My best guess, Block leveler jaws...29 Dec
I doubt you can. Just walk away and...12 Sep
Roller diameter is not critical you...26 Jul
What size press? In my experience...10 Jul
This plate maker is uses a burning...14 Feb
I have 2 of them, never had a manual....11 Feb
Yes, you could damage the press and the...28 Jan
This press Is the ancestor of the...27 Nov
Are you sure your stipple effect is not...2 Nov
Zbang same, Hopefully the response was...28 Sep
How did this go?22 Sep
Cool find ! Its a Jewel platen...9 Sep
I agree power tools are a bad...8 Jul
Your type is likely end grain, a...4 Jul
I don’t know of anyone in the US...17 Jun
I have 3 of them, they are a pretty...9 Jun
You should talk to Scott Moore, your...21 Apr
It depends on from where to where...13 Apr
Yep, tighten the bolt 19 Mar
Also art boards stock is face grain not...17 Mar
Scott Moore will occasionally sell type...17 Mar
Good catch Scott yet another issue with...4 Mar
Im about 90% there is a configuration...3 Mar
@terebellum You are also missing the...10 Feb
It’s a little press Your missing...9 Feb
As far as I know vandercook made those...29 Jan
Yeah use copper 6 Dec
Image or line art? What kind of press...6 Dec
Image or line art? What kind of press...6 Dec
It’s missing the feed board assembly...23 Nov
It’s about a 3/4 complete vandercook...23 Nov