Alpha Blox - availability?

Is anyone making wooden ‘Alpha Blox’ 12line or bigger? Or are there copyright constraints?

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P22 makes a 6 line set similar to alpha blox

I am not aware of any commercially available versions bigger. I am aware of at least one shop that hand carved a full set at 8L In linoleum

Double post

If your budget is up to it (and I don’t know what the cost would be) Petrescu Press in Sibiu, Romania makes wood type of beech wood. They have some designs already made for their CNC router system, which could include AlphaBlox, or they could cut them from scratch.


Many Thanks- rmiller021 - I checked it out -Too rich for me especially with US & import taxes.

Many Thanks also to Adlibpress - i’ll do some searching - I’ think I know someone with a router here in the UK.