Rollers for 7X11 Clipper press

I am restoring what I believe is a 7X11 Clipper press, or what may be a Canadian knock-off of one. The restoration is to the point where rollers and trucks are needed. (I have ancient rollers and trucks, but they are worn beyond use). Before I re-invent the wheel, I’m wondering whether some other 7X11 rollers might fit, like for instance C&P 7X11 rollers.

The most critical measurement for these, is the inside distance between the rails of the press, which in my case is 13 1/4 inches. So, if anyone has a press with 13 1/4 inches between the rails, and correspondingly 13 1/4 inches between the roller trucks, it would help me a lot to know about it, what press it is, and where you got your rollers.

Other dimensions for this are truck (and roller) diameter in the 1 7/16 to 1 1/2 inch range, and shaft (core) ends where they go in the roller hooks, of 3/8 inch. (This press has machined roller hooks like a C&P, rather than heavy formed wire roller hooks like a Golding Pearl and other smaller presses.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Roller diameter is not critical you could be off by 20% and probably be fine.

I would get your existing rollers recovered and have new trucks made, there are quite a few folks around that could help you get this done right

rmiller021 thanks for your reply but the ends of the roller cores, where they fit into the roller hooks, are worn way down. If they chucked the new rollers into a lathe after recovering, for the final grind, I’m afraid the cores would bend. I’ve had that happen before.

Advanced Rollers Co. in Chino, CA can recover your rollers and make new cores and also supply trucks.

cmcgarr Thank you.

I make all my rollers all new with trucks, most rollers are at the end of there useful life. click on my name to send message.
most likely a C&P 7x11 is different, I do have those in stock and could check size. Todd