Wood type border with 3 holes

I have a wood type border that has 3 holes below the face of some of the blocks. This seems to be done purposefully but I have no idea why. Does anyone have a clue?

Side note: If anyone has an ID for this and/or is interested in a wood type border trade for a Page border, feel free to reach out.

image: 0-7.jpg


image: 0-8.jpg


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Those are “Whistler Holes”. They Whistle to alert you when you are running over 10,000 iph. ;

My best guess, Block leveler jaws

Maybe these were imported and machines down to .918

I have some of these dashes as well, I think they are Hamilton but I can’t remember if I ever chased them down.

On large cylinder presses, such as a Kelly or Miehle, it was common practice to put a few holes in a large, confining border of wide face, in the end and side away from the gripper to exhaust a developing air bubble. This was mostly true with thinner stocks. All such presses had Cylinder Brushes, which flattened the stock, but such heavy rules or patterns tended to stretch the paper, which lead to wrinkling. This was one way of dealing with that tendency. Hence, have a few holes previously drilled; save the pressman’s mind!