J.M Jones Press ID

I’m picking up a press soon, and have had a bit of trouble identifying the press. It appears the press has a marking on the side “J.M Jones Palymyra NY”.

Photos here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cvjfyev267agv5t/AAAVZAcnDR6GG7ZYh62Ny-HTa?dl=0

That led me down the path of it potentially being a Lightning Jobber, but after taking a closer look at the frame it doesn’t look to be the case.

I’m leaning more toward it possibly being a Gordon Franklin — but still doesn’t seem quite right based on some pictures of example presses I’ve found.

Does anyone out there have a hunch? Would love to solve the mystery before picking it up. Unfortunately I don’t have any measurements on the press yet, which makes the search a little more difficult. Appreciate anyone’s help, hunches, or guesses!

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Don’t know where the JM Jones came from. Attached is a photo from Harold Sterns book, Catalogue of Nineteenth Century Printing Presses, page 302. Looks like your press. Don’t see a treeble or throw off handle. Hope this helps.

image: jonesjpg.jpg


Cool find !

Its a Jewel platen Jobber manufactured by John M Jones , of Palmyra, New York between 1867 and 1891


I would appreciate more info, and a photo, of this rare press. I did a study years ago of John M. Jones and the many different presses he invented and built. I would be happy to share my findings if you are interested. I have images of almost all the presses Jones made by the four or five different companies he established over the years.


Mike, Rob, & Bob —

Thanks for the replies – I am picking this press up this weekend, so if all goes well I will have some better pictures to sell.

@Mike thank you! This is very helpful! Closest example I’ve seen.

@Rob, the Jewel looks a little different to me - at least the picture on Letterpress Commons. Curious once I see it in person if there are any additional markings.

@Bob I’ll post some better pictures this weekend, and would love any additional insight you have once I post them.

Images still not working on Briar Press — can see them here:

Picked up the press — it’s definitely a J.M. Jones Washington Jobber. I *think* it’s the 7x10. This one does not appear to have a throw off. Also the inside of the chase looks like it’s about 6 3/4 x 10.

A few cracks here and there which is disappointing, and the original treadle is gone which is a real shame but we’ll see how it looks once I get around to cleaning it up.

@Bob curious any insight you have here, or any research you can share — would love to find out a bit more about this press before I decide whether to try and sell it or clean it up and get it back in service.