Jardine treadle press

I bought a Jardine treadle press in March and would love to know more about these presses. I have tried to google, but cannot find much on this manufacturer. Anyone knows anything about this type of press? (Where they were build, when, etc.)
Thank you
Kind regards Silja

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have you tried google? Jardine platen press England

Nottingham UK, according to one advert I’ve seen on Wiki. But theres another bit of info could do with looking further into: One Frederick Ayers supplied parts to Adana from 1923 on ”from his company”. He subsequently bought Adana in 1940 when they were insolvent. Now the interesting bit is that in 1960 Adana started selling a 10 x 8 hand inked flat bed showcard press called an ‘Ayers Jardine.’ so labelled.
Maybe its the same man, or maybe a second generation of that family.