Don Black Linecasting of Toronto

I suppose this is old news but I cannot find a discussion thread on it, perhaps because my search keeps timing out. Don Black closed his business in 2020 I read. That means a lot of access to presses, type, casting, and letterpress sundries must have disappeared. Was most of his inventory scrapped? Did readers of this forum benefit from bargains? I would love to hear.

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I got some great fonts of linecasting mats before the Blacks had to downsize and then close. Last man standing, and now there’s not much more than eBay.
When queried, they would run out a whole font of mats, cast them, and scan a proof. You knew exactly every character you were getting, and shipping was perfect: mats between steel galleys, and steel-banded.
I’ve had foundry type arrive in a broken cardboard box with type falling out of it, so I appreciate professionalism.

Reminiscence is important. Thank you. Let’s keep it coming.

There’s a gal in the Toronto area that picked up the rest before it was scrapped. I’ll find that info for you. I messaged you about the wood type your after I’m on Vancouver Island. Come over for a visit!