How do I get my ad at the top of the list? (Sticky ads)

‘Sticky’ ads are those that Briar Press has chosen, at our discretion, to highlight for a period of time. They are so named because they ‘stick’ to the top of any list of Classified ads.

Sticky ads can be event announcements, buy/sell/trade or want ads. Your ad has a better chance of being made sticky if it meets some of the following criteria:

  • The ad is an event announcement, and the ad title includes the event date. (It is not necessary to use title space to include the location, as the location appears in the green line below the title.) An ad that is submitted months in advance of an event may be made sticky for a while, returned to a non-sticky state, and be featured again at time closer to the event’s date.
  • The ad is urgent or includes a specified time frame for sale or pick-up.
  • The ad description includes the price of the item.
  • An appropriate donation is included to help defray the expense of developing and maintaining the Briar Press site, especially if the ad is generating income for a service or event.