Availability of parts for an Adana Tabletop Press

I’m thinking of buying an Adana tabletop press. Does anyone know if it is easy/difficult to purchase parts, rollers, ink, etc. for this type of press here in the US?

Thank you for your answers!

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You don’t need any special “Adana Ink” for an Adana press, any ink suitable for letterpress (which includes most offset inks) will work just fine. Various companies here in the U.S. can recover the old rollers if you can supply the cores (Tarheel makes composition rollers, NA Graphics and many others supply rubber rollers). If an Adana press needs other parts, those may be difficult to find here as the presses don’t seem too common in the U.S., but if cost isn’t a problem, Adana’s current owners, Caslon (www.caslon.co.uk), have a good variety of parts still available (as well as rollers, ink, etc.).

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)