Boxcar Photopolymer Plate alternative?

Hello everyone long time lurker around here I am just getting involved in posting.

Does anyone know of someone who can create a photopolymer or other material plate from digital artwork that would work with the boxcar deep relief base?

The people at boxcar are pleasant enough and are definetely some of the most knowledgable people around but I unfortunately have had some timeframe and consistentcy issues with them (I.e. some plates in a batch were made from a different type and relief of plate) in the past. Nothing against them I know many people use them with wonderful success but I am just curious as to whether there is any alternative available?

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I doubt you will be able to find a processor who can provide either a less expensive or better alternative to the .060” polyester-backed plate offered by Boxcar. They are a standard issue from Toyobo but extraordinarily expensive; Boxcar offers these at a VERY considerate price.

My further understanding though is that the specific plates Boxcar uses are a custom manufacture and require a specific processing technique that is likely proprietary. At least that is what Harold Kyle seemingly indicated in a post to PPLetterpress.

Note though, and this is indicated on the Boxcar website, that these plates are for a specific type of press and offered as such in this regard. Toyobo’s letterpress formulated plates all have a standard letterpress relief depth of .30 mm, whether they are .060s or .038s. The thickness of the plate does not matter.