Rideshare to Iowa Printer’s Fair from Chicago

I’m renting a minivan to tote some items to the printer’s fair, and will have room in the van for a passenger and their items. Looking to split the costs and driving from Chicago to Mt. Pleasant Iowa. If you want to go contact me ASAP!!! I can also pick up along the way if you are easily accessible from 290 out of Chicago, or I-88 to Iowa… Email me with your number so I can call you.

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I sent you a email. I would be interesting in ridesharing. What time are you thinking about leaving? Are you only attending Saturday? It would be just me…I don’t have anything that I need to sell.


Ted, I just gave you a call. I’d like to leave on Friday, and arrive in time for the Saturday AM Swap/Auction that’s happening. I am thinking of staying til Sunday afternoon, and driving back Sunday evening, or Monday Morning. That way I’ll get to hang out a bit and see the sights on Sunday. I’m flexible, as my main goal is the swap. Hope to hear form you! -J.


Things will pretty much wrap-up by late Saturday afternoon, aftyer the auction, and we will probably be covering the presses and linecasters with sheets and heading for home by Saturday evening. I honestly don’t think that there will be much of anything to do on Sunday except stare at static equipment.

Rick von Holdt
Printers’ Hall


One more detail, I hope you can get top Printers’ Hall Friday evening to unload and set-up. We will have a forklift available for the heavier stuff.

Our Open House will shut down at 5:30 p.m. on Friday so we can all go to supper, but we will be back again and open from 7:30 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.

If you can;t get there until Saturday morning, you can get in and unload between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. We will open the doors for the sale promptly at 8:00 and it will be chaos at that time and hard to unload with everyone milling about after that.

See you soon!

Rick von Holdt

Hi Jenny,

I’ve love to go with you! Let me know if there is still room in the van. I’m not taking anything to sell, just looking to network and maybe buy some small things.

Please let me know!

I was not entirely accurate when I spoke above. Printers’ Hall will be closing down late Saturday afternoon, but we will be holding our banquet in there on Saturday evening.

A lot of us will be back in the museum on Sunday morning for some more time to fool around with things. It probably won;t be until Sunday afternoon that we start putting the sheets over the machinery.

I’m heading down there late this afternoon. I hope to see a lot of you there.

Oh my goodness, when is this event? Did I miss it? I only live 20 miles or so away from here, and have been trying to find out more information…I fear I missed it, again!…sigh….

Hi Serina,

Alas, you are too late this year. The combined APA Wayzgoose/Great Northern Printer’s Fair took place in Mt. Pleasant on September 17-19. It was spectacular and drew around 162 letterpress people. The Annual Midwest & Great Northern Printer’s Fair will be held there again next year, in late September. Watch the Briar Press and other sites for firm dates and information next year. The Wayzgoose will be in June in West Virginia next year, but the Printer’s Fair is still an awesome event as a stand-alone entity. We usually draw around a hundred or more printers and have a great time each year.