Embossing: Bought the Die and counter die, now what?

Okay, I hauled off and ordered a die and counter die set from Owasso, and now I’m scratching my head on how to mount them to my C&P 10x15. I assume you lock up the die in the chase as normal, but what is used to stick the counter die to the platten? They also sent two little nylon bushings - what in the world are those for? Owasso is closed for the night and I’m dying to know… thanks for any details.


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The nylon bushings are to keep the die & counter lined up until attached. Be careful if not in line you will mash the counter. Double stick tape on back of counter, nylon bushing to keep in line. Slowly, by hand if possible, on impression the counter should release & stick via the double side tape. Remove nylon bushings (pins). I like to add a little tape around the sides of the counter to make sure it stays in place. This may not be the correct or proper way to attach the counter die but it has worked for me. The only other thing will be increase pressure to get the right amount of emboss.
Good luck, the more you do this the easier it will be.

Bob H is probably correct I don’t get bushings from my supplier.How I ensure line up is as follows.I use 2sided carpet tape on the counter(I make the 2s tape slightly larger than the image area but not as big as the plastic or fibre glass counter-this helps to create a gradual ramp effect and improves the end result) where it will stick to the platen I then use a few small pieces of 2sided scotch tape to hold the counter to the die. Remove the release liner from the counter then make an impression best by hand unless you do it often and trust your methods. Stop the press when open and remove the scotch tape making sure you don’t pull the counter off the platen.Most of my work is die cut-foil-emboss so I always mount the counter on a stainles steel plate or phenolic board that is screwed to the platen that way I increase pressure by adding make ready underneath.I have a few vids on youtube 937die.I plan to add more soon especially creasing,embossing and combination foil/emboss using brass cup dies.Have fun .

google : duploflo …great 2 sided tape…. Hey mike,, BTW prob don’t matter but i think your press is running backwards. saw some of you vids

I have used duploflo and other specific mounting tapes including heat activated die mounting tape.When I get time I will post a vid and my method will be apparent or explained.As for flywheel direction on Colt-Thomson it was rebuilt 5 years ago and set that way(marked with arrow to show rotation).If ever anyone wants to change direction of a 3phase motor it is as simple as switching a few wires ie red to white and white to red.This is important on presses with air systems like Heidelbergs.