workbench for tabletop press

Any recommendations for a good workbench for a tabletop press? I’ve looked in several places but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for. Something sturdy, about 30” high. Any ideas? I saw another discussion that showed the specs for the school press and materials cabinet. Any thing available like this? See attached. Thanks. I have a CMC Imperial press. If anyone has a real, vintage bench, I’d be very interested.

image: 384298666_2f2a3912e7.jpg


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I was curious about this too when I got my table top press.

I do rather well with an older solid rectangular wood kitchen table for my press. I’m only 5’4” (that’s generous) so kitchen table height is good for me. I found this table in the alley, and while it was a bit wobbly, it was still solid. A few well placed screws and viola! Great work bench.

There are also plans online for work benches if you do a google search. Wood working benches are amazing utilitarian pieces of furniture, and are long and narrow: a good format for press and a clean paper area. There’s several DIY sites online with plans for these.

There is a 12-case Hamilton oak 2/3 size type cabinet, 25 in. high available on the e*** website.

My little hand press came with a custom table. It was OK, a bit unsteady though. I think it could have used adjustable feet for leveling. I changed it out though for a low type cabinet. I have to retighten the screws that hold it together now and then as it’s a bit shaky, but not bad really.

Thanks for all of your responses!

If anyone is looking for good instructions for building a very sturdy garage workbench, this is what I used. I’m very pleased with the results. It’s perfect for my CMC Imperial 5x8. I’ll upload a pic soon.