Metallic Gold PMS 871 for sale (or mix formula) in LA/Long Beach/Orange County


Can someone point me to where I can purchase a 1lb can (or less) of PMS 871 Metallic Gold? I’ve only found it available in 2.2lbs and I would never finish this in my lifetime. My client requires this specific PMS and I am looking to see if anyone has any laying around and might be willing to sell about 3-4 oz. worth. I’d be willing to purchase a 1 lb can, if that’s what you’ve got.

I am looking to start printing immediately after the Thanksgiving weekend, so anything within the LA/Long Beach/Orange County area would be ideal, for pick-up. (Shipping would be okay, too)

I currently have two 1lb cans of Van Son Copper Gold 727, a 1 lb can of Metallic Silver, as well as yellow and all the other base colors. Is there a mix I could formulate to create 871?

Or is anyone willing to trade a full can of 727 copper gold for a can of 871?

Thanks in advance!

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Do a search for Dave Robinson on this site. He puts ink into tubes. Usually they are 8 oz tubes. I believe he has that color already in a tube.

Thanks for the suggestion, Daremo. I just sent Dave an email. We’ll see what happens.

Considering the short week/holiday weekend and my printing timeline, if anyone is local to Long Beach, CA and willing to do a sell/swap today, Wednesday, or Sunday PM, please let me know. I’ll be in San Diego in between those dates, so I guess if you are in the San Diego area and have something to offer, it would be awesome to hear from you as well.


You can try Accent Ink in the L.A/Vernon area. Here’s their number: (323) 268-1807

Cat, to me the answer is obvious — you have to get the 2.2lb can and either plan on living twice as long, or find excuses to print a lot more (or maybe both?)!

But the problem of too-large cans of less-used colors is exactly why I started putting ink in tubes, and I’ll be happy to e-mail a list of available colors to anyone interested. The “quarter pound” tubes actually hold about 5 oz. (most colors; metallics and other heavier inks, usually 6 to 7 oz.). I’m in San Jose, California, but can ship most anywhere.

Pantone 871 Gold is a basic Pantone color, not one that’s intended to be made by mixing. While it might be possible to roughly approximate a gold something along similar lines using silver, yellow, and Copper Gold, I would not recommend trying it for anything other than a personal job for yourself. 871 is the lightest of the Pantone golds; it would be much easier to “fake” one of the darker golds with silver and Copper Gold, or 871 and Copper Gold. It’s been some years since I used Van Son’s Copper Gold but my recollection is that it’s not as “metallic” as the PMS golds (which is probably why they’re more expensive).

Cat managed to contact me through Briar Press, but others may find it easier to search for “Robison” rather than “Robinson” (although I know of another hobby letterpress printer whose father actually changed his name from Robison to the more common Robinson to avoid confusion — maybe I should do that…).

Dave Robison (the Ink in Tubes guy)


Two things are now obvious to me. A second lifetime would be awesome–I’m loving life and time is just flying past me. The other thing is that I will need to upgrade my press soon… I’ll be chugging along cranking my left arm 750 x 3 times to get this 2/1 job out the door on my little Pilot. (I know, I know, what was I thinking? Anyone selling a C&P treadle-run press any time soon?)

Yes, you are correct. The VS copper gold isn’t very metallic at all. I attached a photo of some ink straight off the plastic film covering a brand new can. This color should be renamed Tarnished Gold or even Fools Gold, but then again, those names would allude to some sort of shimmery quality. Let’s rename this can Warm Buttery Caramel instead. =)

Now that I think of it, I also have an immediate need for PMS 876 for another project I have going, oddly enough, it calls for a “metallic copper gold” color. Dave, since you seem open to a trade, have you got any of that color lying around as well? Or could you work a little alchemy and turn some of my WBC into a tube of true Copper Gold PMS 876?

Now after seeing this shot of Warm Buttery Caramel, are you still up for a trade? Or would you rather take my money and run like the wind?

Either way, you have a deal.


image: gold_mix.jpg


Hi Cat,

I have a job that requires 871 Gold Metallic as well—but I’m starting production next week. I would be happy to share a can with you, but I just called Kelly Paper and they don’t have the Van Son brand available?? Weird. Do you have access to Van Son? Has anyone tried Kelly’s brand of 871?

Feel free to give me a call 626.470.3745.


Dee, the Kelly brand of Pantone 871 Gold will be the same color as Van Son or any other brand — that’s what the Pantone Matching System is all about, a system for specifying and matching colors! I believe Kelly’s metallics are made for them by Tokyo Ink so are the same as Tokyo’s Zipset, which I’ve found works very well. If you prefer a smaller quantity than a 2.2lb. can, I do still have 871 Gold (and other colors) available in “quarter pound” tubes (e-mail “Ink [at]” for a list).

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)

Most, if not all, metallic inks “sparkle/Christmas” poorly on uncoated stocks. If you want to see metallics really pop, find some coated colored cover (Currency is one brand) and try printing on block stock. If you have silver ink, you can make all sorts of interesting colors—enough that finding a Pantone Metallic Colors book may be worth the bother.

Hi Dave,

I know what the PMS is! I was more concerned about the quality of their ink vs. Van Son. Thank you for the information. Since I’m planning to use quite a bit of gold, I think I will run up and pick up that 2.2lb. can and see how it prints. I will certainly save your email address in case I need tubes in the future. Do you custom mix PMS colors?