New drive belt for Kluge 10x15

I have a kluge 10x15 and am having trouble getting a new drive belt on my machine at the proper tension.

Any advice or procedure would help alot!

Thanks in advance,


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does this press have the adjustable/variable speed motor mount using a V style belt? or is it really old with the seperate electrical box for motor speed using a flat belt.

It does seem to have an adjustable variable speed motor mount. No separate box for the motor. I can post pics if that helps.

Thanks again!

make sure your variable speed pulley is functioning smoothly. should be a grease fitting at the very end in line with the end of the motor shaft. with the motor turned off, take your belt off and then wrap it just around the drive pulley. with both ends of the belt in hand, give it a solid tug . the belt should drop all the way into the small diameter of the pulley. then just pull on either end of the belt, turning the pulley. it should immediately start to push the belt back out. i will find out proper belt numbers for you and post. do NOT try to disassemble this drive pulley unless you know exactly what to expect. there is a big spring in there wants to get out really bad. Good Luck!

your belt size is 107 inches , 1922v1070. Jason is a popular brand

If you are looking for new belt try American Printing Equipment and Supply Co. This link should take you to the belts.

it looks like the site in the link above, recommends a 112” belt. you never really said if you thought your belt was too loose or too tight. if it is too loose and you are running this 112” belt i would get a 107. vice versa if it is too tight. if the speed control handle is sticking out from its control plate at all, then the lock collar has come loose down in the motor mount. the U-joint (at the motor end of the speed adjustment shaft) down on the motor mount should be flush up against the motor mount. it is pinned onto a threaded rod that when turned moves the motor mount forward or back. the lock collar should be snug up against the inside of the mount. if there is any gap between the u-joint and the mount plate, take the belt of the flywheel, push the mount plate back, move and retighten the lock collar. these do come loose. i will usually dissassemble this, then drill and tap the lock collar for a second set screw.