Adana 8 x 5 - Some parts missing, How to get started

I’ve just got my hands on an old Adana model 8 x 5, Im slowly learning about letterpress along the way by reading up on it so Im not completely clued up.

So far it seems the chase is missing and one roller, I also needed a little advice on what else I need such as quoins, key’s, furniture etc.

I study Graphic Design at Duncan of Jordanstone art college in Dundee so I have access to some old lettersets but they have thrown pretty much everything else out.

Ive attached some images for you guys to have a look.

image: kris uni 001.JPG

image: kris uni 002.JPG

image: kris uni 003.JPG

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Hi Kris,

Welcome. That looks like a really cool college you go to!

I recently purchased an Adana similar to yours. You are also missing the gripper fingers, but a rubber band stretched across the gripper arms works just as well.

Caslon sells parts for the Adana machines

I purchased a chase through an ebay seller based out of Milton Keynes who also has rollers.

I use smaller Wickersham quoins that work quite well.

Lots of info here and some other websites. The Adana 85 is a nice press and you will be happy once it is up and running.

Hey, Thanks for such a speedy response!

Im watching a chase on ebay on bid at the moment so hopefully I’ll manage to get it! seen some rollers on there as well, pricey but I guess It’s what I’ll have to pay to get this up and running really excited about getting it in a decent working order.

Any chance it was this seller you bought from:

Was looking at some of his items should I be looking for a set of 2 quoins or 4? I see he is selling sets with a key included.

Sorry for the beginner questions I’ve been reading up and some places don’t mention the starter basics I need to know, thanks alot for taking the time to read, I really appreciate it!

Kris - You might get some help from the Adana manual which you can download from the Help section under Press manuals: parts, care, and instruction

Thanks alot for that! didn’t find that when looking before.

Grippers are available from

saves using elastic bands.