Moving an SP-15

Hello, All -

I am attempting to move a Vandercook SP-15, and I am hoping for any guidance regarding what needs to be tied down, secured, removed (or not), etc. Thankfully, there is a forklift on one end of the trip…and the other is just a move from a trailer to a groundfloor storage unit. I’ve done some research, and it looks like the best idea is to mount the feet to some skids (not use a pallet), but I am looking for any suggestions you might have. Thanks in advance…


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My only piece of advice is to remember (and let your riggers know) that the base of the cabinet is lower in the front—where the doors open—than in the back. We used an extra 1x4 to make the machine “even,” and allow for cross braces on the skids.

Adding the skids are a great idea. We did and it worked great. Are you using a truck with a lift gate? If so, some of them start off at an angle and then level up as they rise. I think that we steadied ours with a couple of johnson bars until it was off the ground and evened out. Also keep in mind that they are very, very top heavy. If it looks like it’s going to fall- get out of the way, there is no way you can stop it.

Let’s see, what else… You definitely want to secure the cylinder so it’s not rolling around, bungee cords work fine for that. We didn’t remove anything from our press, but if you feel like it you can remove the feed table and the crank.

You might also want to search the Vanderblog for any other tips or cross post the question there.

Good luck!


I’ve seen bungee cords pulled right off the press with a rolling cylinder. Use ratchet straps which you can find at any hardware store. An SP-15 is not a very big press and if you can get by without removing parts it is best. Some rental companies rent forklifts so you could conceivably have one at each end. But… the best way to move a press under 100 miles is to get a towing company to pick it up with a tilt-bed and drop it off where you want it. Most tow operators move equipment too and are very knowledgable about loading and unloading. Once, when moving a Ludlow and a Vandercook across country I found myself literally out in the country with no way to get it off the truck. I called a tow company, they set their truckbed at the height of my truck and we rolled the two pieces onto the tiltbed, strapped them down and he placed the edge on tilt right at the edge of the garage slab and hoisted them down as slick as ……. and only charged me fifty bucks!

Thanks to all for the help - the move was a success. Couldn’t have done it without the guidance!