Simplifying classified information

To make using the classified section more effective, I suggest, removing items when they have sold, separating want ads from for sale ads and showing date of submission on the listing page.

My experience is that most ads to which I respond are very out of date, and many listed items have sold. Being able to search most recent ads first would shorten the process. Also, being able to search through sale items without having to sort through all the want ads as well would make the process simpler.

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I agree, I sold a press a few months ago and have been unable to edit the classified to show it’s sold.

Perhaps I can clarify this for you. The Help section can be accessed from almost every page of the site. There is a blue link in the gray area at the top of each page. Many of the questions posted in the Discussion forums are answered there.

cmcgarr - Instructions for editing or deleting ads are in the Help section under “Letterpress Classifieds,” or “How to edit or remove a classified ad.” The direct link is at .

allynhart - When you click on Classifieds, you will go to a page with the heading “Letterpress Classifieds.” Directly under those words you will see a list of categories in green which include “For sale or trade,” “Wanted,” and others. Under those categories it says “Recent classified ads.” Except for the stickies, the most recent ads are listed by date.

If you wish to read only the For Sale or Wanted ads, simply click on the green category of your choice and you won’t have to sort through all the other ads. The date the ad was posted appears on all the listings.

Hope this helps.

Elizabeth, It’s too late at night now, but I had the same problem Casey had with removing sold items. I had to modify the listings to include the notice that they had sold, because the process was not transparent enough to me, and I ran out of patience, a rather rare commodity when it’s late at night and I’m trying to do one last email (or whatever!). ==Marjorie

Actually, as late as it is, and as sleepy as I am, I managed to remove both my old ads. Thanks for posting a direct link. It was used to good advantage.