I wonder if a good new topic might be members’ recommendations (or un-recommendations) of specific press movers, machinists, suppliers, workshops and other such who work with old presses or offer letterpress-printing-related services.

Although geography would seem to limit the usefulness of some recommendations to a local area, I think hearing about another member’s experience and their comments about why it was good or bad could be helpful to all. It could help the rest of us get a sense of what’s important to ask for when scouting for a letterpress-related service. For those of us who are still pretty new to all this, it’s intimidating to search for a welder or machinist when we may barely know what they actually do. :-)

This notion was suggested by the recent tragic shattering of the C&P as described in a post by marsay. Clearly, not all people available to hire understand what is required to handle an old, fragile, clumsy antique…lots of folks have never even seen or heard of some of the things we love.

That posting helped me think of some things to ask before I hired movers this past week to haul two presses out of a garage. (All went well!)

What think you?

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