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As a new comer to this site this doesn’t seem like as stupid a question as it might to most of you but here goes anyway, if I have e-mailed someone through the classified for example how do I know if they have replied or rather where does the reply get sent? It might be that the recipients haven’t replied but as I have sent a number of mails and received no replies I am thinking that I am missing something obvious (particularly as one of the older ads I asked about has been withdrawn now). Thanks.

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Dan: I’m copying a reply I’ve posted (I believe May ‘07). What more can I say?……
To all the people who posted classified ads in Dec. 06, Jan. 07 and later, looking for 6x9 Sigwalt, C&P Pilot Presses, 5x8 Kelseys, and various chases, Ombree Borders, etc., etc.: Access the site and get my replies and offers. 15/20 weeks go by and I get no response from these people, some in the immediate area. Some ads seem urgent…like “I can’t print without a chase”, yet my replies go unanswered. OPEN YOUR MAIL!!!! Thanks, Stan

Reply goes to the email address you used to set up the account. Sometimes people simply forget to reply or, if the item is already sold, delete the incoming messages without deleting the posting itself.