Searching for Cuts & Caps?

We’ve had inquiries from people who have tried unsuccessfully to use the search field on the right side of the page to find ornaments in our Cuts & Caps section.

Currently, the only way to search for ornaments is to visit the Cuts & Caps and then use the search field. You will see that the ‘Only in Cuts & Caps’ checkbox below the search field is turned on by default.

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Is there a resource online outside of briarpress that anyone can recommend for additional Cuts&Caps?

Thanks for any information offered!


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Dover books make some good clipart books of printing cuts, borders, and caps. I find the older ones are better, and I’ve been ordering mine off of for cheap with great success. You have to scan them in and some need to be cleaned up a little, but I’ve used them on solarplates and rubber stamps with no trouble. Craphound is also a zine of clipart, but it is a limited publication and therefore highly sought after. You have to be pretty diligent on ebay to find one that will go for a reasonable price. Hope that helps!

I recently purchased a book of cuts. I haven’t receive it yet but I guess whatever is in it will be of some value. You can find it searching with this string of text:

Victorian Frames, Borders and Cuts from the 1882 Type Catalog of George Bruce’s Son and Co.

Hope that helps



The various Dover titles are interesting, but if you want to do directly to the source, the BEST books are the old foundry catalogs themselves. There will probably be a fairly good selection of them to choose from at the swap meet for the Amalgamated Printers’ Association Annual Wayzgoose, at the Clarion Hotel in West Springfield, MA on Saturday morning, June 7.

See the EVENTS listings on Briar Press for additional information. There are usually several parties that will be selling old foundry catalogs. All the images in them are copyright free.

In answer to Jody & anyone else interested, there is an excellent resource on cd, in pdf form, of the ‘Barnhart & Spindler Specimen Book of Type, catalog #25’, dating from 1925. It contains a huge number of faces and some great period cuts, some of which Elizabeth may have already included in her excellent collection. I have redrawn many of these elements and if anyone needs something from the B&H catalog in vector format I would be happy to send it free of charge by email if I have it. For more information, contact me or see my listing at .