Verax proof press

I am looking for information on the Herrild Verax cylinder proof press which was made in the uk in 1952.
I have one which I am renovating and I would like to find information on ink roller sizes and also paper lay guide’ in relation to the cylinder.
So far knowone as any information on this press, except a table listing the vandercook presses and preses of the same typeof the.

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Hi Nigel, I’m in a very similar position to you - renovating an old Verax - did you get any joy on finding information?


Hi Pete,

Have just seen your mail of 11 jan, No I never got any info on my Harold Verax proof press. You seem to be the only other person who seems to have one, What condition is yours in ?, I have lots of photos of mine, has I had to take it apart to move it, I have been rebuilding a new workshop over the last year so still have not used it as yet. I am in France were are you ?