Anyone know approx size of Golding Pearl #3?

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has an approx measurements - length x width x height - for a golding pearl #3?

Thanks in advance!

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Measurements taken with a furniture-store yardstick are approximately: 38” deep, from back of flywheel to tip of treadle; 52” tall, from top of ink plate to floor; 25” across, from tip of flywheel shaft to treadle hook.

You are SUCH a huge lifesaver! I am picking one up on Friday and I wanted to build some kind of plywood base for the floor before I got it home so I did not have to move it twice! The guy I purchased it from wasn’t storing it as his home so couldn’t get the measurements to me.

Thank you SOOOOO much! I really appreciate your response!

Well—it’s nice to be able to give some help on this site for a change…I sure have taken a lot of it!

I know exactly what you mean - I don’t have much to offer right now because I am so new but I am going to owe a lot of help once I do know what I am talking about!

Thank you again - I do really appreciate the help!