Typeface Identification Question the S in US is different

I posted the image the typeface in question in my profile.
The image is a postal marking device that was used in Hawaii in the 1850’s The S in US appears to be from a different font type than that used for the U. Typically the S has fish hook ends, this S has balls, instead of the fish hook. Can you identify the type by name and or date of issuance. These may have been fabricated in the Polynesian Press or at the Mission Press in Honolulu in the early 1850’s All the best 2U TonyK out.

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Never mind! I found it!

The image is definitely not sharp and crisp, but there seems to be enough to indicate that this probably is not a typeface at all, but was hand-drawn or hand engraved. The characters themselves even seem to be twisted to conform to the arch they are forming. See the “P”.