disassembly of presses/weight of C&P presses/cutter

My father is in the process of moving C&P presses and a C&P cutter. Does anyone have instructions/recommendations on the disassembly of the presses or the cutter? The presses are 8 x 12” (?) and 10 x 15” ones. Any ideas on the weight of the presses—and the weight of the biggest piece after disassembly? The mover is asking these questions. Thanks for any info! (Anyone in the Kansas City/Topeka area experience with this?)

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Just an addition—the cutter is a C&P hand-powered one.

I recently moved a 10x15 out of a basement and we disassembled the press down to two main halves - the bed side of the press and the platen side of the press (with platen removed). My guess for the weight of each of these halves is about 500-600 pounds each or so.

We strapped each half to a dolly and used a comealong to pull the dolly/press up a few 4x10s that we layed down on the stairs.

It is my understanding that this press is approximately 1600 pounds total (give or take).

Just let me know if you have any other questions. I’d be happy to give further detail on the disassembly.

Thanks! If it is disassembled like this, how wide of a doorway does it need in order to fit through? That isone of our problems.

I don’t recall the exact dimensions. I am restoring a 10x15 that is partially disassembled and will measure it and send you the width tonight. I’ll also send a pic of what it looks like.

According to specs, a 10x15 C&P NS will fit through a 43” space whole, a 31.5” space with driveshaft and throwoff removed, and 21.5” entirely disassembled, For the 8x12 NS, 36” whole, 27” partly stripped, 18” disassembled.

THANKS for all the info!

Are the old-style and new-style ones much different in dimensions? My father’s is old-style (both of them).

Our press move included disassembly down to these two parts of the press (imagine them separated at their base where the shaft is). The width for each (like parallel_imp) mentioned is about 31.5”. On the platen side, we had removed the flywheel and shaft to fit the 31.5” width (not shown in this picture).

Again we strapped each of these two halves to a sturdy dolly and used a comealong to move up stairs (on 4x10s).

This is a New Style press and I’m not sure the dimensions of the Old Style presses.

image: platen.jpg


image: bed.jpg


THANKS for the info and pics! They are very much appreciated. My father is 87, and can’t remember exactly how they come apart.