What are “Sticky” ads? (viewing ads sequentially)

Dear Briar Press,

Thank you for the great website and Classifieds section. As a newbie, Briar press is the first site I visit when I need to find some info or ask a question about letterpress. Truly a great service to the letterpress community.

Now my simple question: in looking at the Classifieds/For Sale & Trade section, I noticed that some ads are labelled “Sticky” and seem to hang there for some time.

Is there a way to view all the ads in a sequential-order (by most recent date), including the sticky ones?



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Hi Thomas, and thanks for the kind words about the site and the remarkable community that has developed here.

Sticky ads are those that Briar Press has chosen to highlight for one reason or another. (You can see some of those reasons on this help page.)

The ads are so-named because they can’t help but ‘stick’ to the top of any list of ads. At the moment, there’s no way to unstick them in order to view them in proper sequential order.

You probably know that you can view all the ads except the stickies in sequential order by using the ‘All classified ads’ link at the top of the Classifieds page. We try to keep the sticky ads to a low number since they displayed are out of sequence.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Eric, much appreciated :)