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I am looking for any information on a Merritt Gally Colt’s Armory universal 7x11 platen press. I am specifically looking for ink train diagram and roller specs.Thanks james

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My name is Jim Macnab and I run the print shop at the Canterbury, NH Shaker Village. We are also hoping to restore a Gally’s press and have about 70 % of the parts cleaned and primed. I will be glad to share any info I have
(very little) and was wondering if you’ve had any luck. I am also not sure if we have all the ink train parts.
Hope to hear from you.
Jim Macnab
Franklin, NH

jdmacnab, I work for the Museum of New Mexico,Press at the Palace of the Governors. Our Gallys Universal is up and running small job work. It’s a real gem. I did have to have some parts machined, a roller saddle brazed. It is powered by a kimble variable speed motor. At some point in its history someone removed the ink foutain and ductor assembly. The form rollers are dedicated to their positions. This press was Jack Rittenhouse’ (The Stagecoach Press)he was influencial in the private press movement. The site has some good stuff on these press’.best james

Hi Jim;
Just got back and thanks for answering my posting. Is it possible to get pictures of the inking system and do these presses have a receiver board? Ours just has an outboard feed board. Also I know I’ll need rollers, trucks and a chase. We have 2 broken teeth on the main drive gear. I think I can fix it, but would replace it if the price was right. Ours will run with a foot treadle (which we have). I will check the web site you gave me as well as your museum site.
Thanks again
Jim Macnab

jdmacnab, I’ll get some photos up soon,I can email you the specs on the rollers,trucks and james

We are “bringing” back to life a small Colts press but have no trucks, (nor chase). Maybe we could “borrow”. a truck so we can have some machined. We could return within a couple of days///

Maybe some one has a spare chase as well

Hi: I’m Jim Macnab from NH. I don’t know if you have seen my posts but we are also getting our Gally’s back together. I hope it might run this year. Ours is a 10x15 and I have found that a 10x15 C&P chase is an exact fit. The C&P rollers shafts are 1/2” where the Gallys are 3/8”, so I can re-machine the C&P shafts to fit… I have been sending out emails to anyone I had been told had info on this press but so far this spring (5/12) have had NO responses. If you have any luck please let me know. I will do likewise.

My email is [email protected]
Tel: (603) 934-4767

Good luck
Jim Macnab
Frankoin, NH