Crane Lettra 110 Ecru

I never use this color…and I have a job I need to print using about 35-40 parent sheets. Just thought I would check…anyone is the Orange County CA area have these lying around collecting dust? ..and want to sell. I just thought I would throw this out there before I purchase a whole case.


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You can buy this in 12.5 x 19 sheets from Clampitt in Dallas. They ship all over the country.

Call and talk to Frank, Jason, or Mark.

Fasclampitt Paper Store
(972) 487-4005
1005 S Jupiter Rd
Garland TX
United States


I use Crane’s Lettra as well, and am in the Inland Empire. I get it from Keldon Paper in Los Angeles and usually ships by the next day. Their prices are very reasonable. Go to


Legion Paper sells Crane’s Lettra parent sheets in single sheets (25 sheet increments). Check out their website at I bought 50 sheets of Ecru last month and really like the color. It’s a soft ivory. Hope this helps!