Installation of a foot treadle for a C&P 10x15 model. -How?!

Hello Everyone-

I have been working on getting my college’s print shop in order, and today i spent a good couple of hours knocking the rust off of our Chandler and Price 10x15 floor model. In the process of cleaning today i noticed that we have a foot treadle and hook that needs installing. I noticed on the press where the hook needs to go, and it is even written on the hook itself which direction it must go, but i cannot figure out where the end of the treadle must attach.

I have attached photos indicating with arrows and circles where i am guessing where the treadle’s end attaches.

I am dreading the potential answer- that it needs to be attached on the shaft that is at the far end of the press. If this is the case, how in the world can we do this? It seems like the whole thing would come crashing apart…

If anyone is in the metro Detroit area that could come and help install this treadle, i am almost positive that i could get you compensation for your expertise and time.

I owned a 12x18 C&P when i lived in Utah, and it was in far worse shape than this one is, and it would be a shame to not put this to use for the course i will be teaching in the Fall and Winter semesters…

A side note- The section chair of printmaking mentioned to me that the school had an older gentleman cast this foot treadle and hook a couple of years ago. He also mentioned to me that this same gentleman passed away shortly after…. He told me that this man worked from original molds from C&P. Does this ring a bell for anyone out there? I have been at this college for only 2.5 years, and i am in another department, but will be teaching in this dept. this year.

Any advice or help is ever so appreciated, and my sincere thanks to those who have helped me with issues relating to the Vandercook 325G last week. With your help i was able to get it running like a charm! Big thanks!

Don Kilpatrick

image: chandler_treadle_a_4.jpg


image: chandler_treadle_a.jpg


image: chandler_treadle_a_1.jpg


image: chandler_treadle_a_3.jpg


image: chandler_treadle_a_2.jpg


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The hook for the treadle must attach to is the same shaft that runs through the middle of the large flywheel. There must be a ‘U’ shaped crook in the center of the shaft for the hook. Make sure there is a hole in the top of the hook for oiling purposes. The back of the treadle attaches to the bar nearest the floor on the very back/bottom of the press. Originally the treadle had a two part clamp that was held together with a bolt on each side. If this is not the case with yours, you will have to try to remove the shaft. I am not sure if the shaft has smaller ends or is one size (you can find this out by measuring the shaft and then measuring one end where it bolts to the press). If it is one size you will have to drive the shaft through the legs very carefully using a brass or leather hammer. If the ends are smaller you will not be able to remove it without disassembling the press. In that case it would be easier to have a machinist alter the treadle so it clamps onto the shaft.



Paul’s advice is sound. I think all Old Styles have a uniform size shaft that can be driven out. If it has smaller ends, you will have to take the press apart. Bummer.

The older gentleman you referred to was probably John Hern of Hern Iron Works. His company did cast treadles and hooks for different presses. He died a few years ago but you can still buy parts from Hern. The hook may have to be filed down some to clear other parts at the top. I know it did on the 7 x 11 I am re-assembling. God luck on you project. Nice looking press.