Albion Presses

Is it possible to get an Albion Printing Press anymore or are they hard to find and expensive?

image: press-iron-albion-340x425.jpg


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An Albion (in Ireland) was for sale on 25 August on this site.

I have one for sale in Zion, IL. One hour North of Chicago.


This question was posed by the owner of the Albion press that’s for sale in Ireland. Like anything else that was once mass produced, you can get what you want if you know where to look and are willing to pay up.

I am looking for a floor standing Albion press or similar, to set up in a High School art dept. in Suffolk, U.K. Are there any for sale out there?

have you found your Albion as I have one that’s surpus to requirements.

Please contact me.


try, also they make a brand new re-designed one 16 x22 platten floor standing

also morman haynes might have one still

sorry- norman haynes