10x15 C&P Roller Height

First of all, I am a beginner, so hopefully I don’t get yelled at.

I just bought this press and tried printing on it last night for the first time. Everything is in good condition along with the rollers. I have a deep relief Boxcar base and a plate made from them. The only problem is that the rollers don’t ink the plate. There is no tape on the rails and they are in good condition. I can add some pieces of card-stock behind the chase and then I’ll get ink on my plate, but that doesn’t seem to be the way to solve this problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Did you get deep relief plates for your deep relief base?

Are your trucks adjustable?

Did you get your rollers recovered or do you think they are worn?

oh man that was weird, thanks dickg

I must have had blinked in my thinking.

Thanks for your comments! I appreciate them.

I ordered the KF152 plate for the deep relief base. Maybe I’ll call Boxcar Press and make sure they sent me the right one.

Since I’m a beginner I don’t know if my trucks are adjustable? I’ll have to check into that one.

I’m using tympan paper for the packing.

I was told the rollers are in perfect condition and look that way to me. Would they appear worn if I needed new ones?

And is there a way to adjust the platen forward?

Sorry for the beginner nonsense.


if the plate is not getting ink, adjusting the platten won’t get ink on the plate. maybe your rollers have shrunk with age? i would try the card stock behind the form first. good luck dick g.

Thanks for your help.

sbmontross: how are you coming along? Did you buy new rollers and trucks? or did card stock behind the form do the trick? I’m getting my C+P 10x15 up and running and the next step is probably new rollers. -anne

I am just sticking with cardstock or paper behind the form for now. I’m thinking new rollers would solve my problem though.

If your rollers are in good shape, new trucks would be a cheaper route.
Trucks are the little wheels on either side of your rollers. If these trucks are steel or plastic, they are a set size. These could be machined to a smaller size by any machine shop. However, if the trucks have a rubber wheel, they are adjustable. The rubber can be squeezed or relaxed making the truck have a larger or smaller diameter.
Of course changing truck size is only a good solution if you are sure the rollers are new and the right diameter. You might want to take your base and plate to a machine shop or a friend who owns a micrometer. Your local offset printer may even be able to help you with this. Knowing the measurements of all of the variables will make it easier to solve your problem.

good luck