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I worked for a company that made rubber...7 Jun
never used vibration pads, I usually...18 May
my saw does that every so often, I...12 May
I have worked with lead for 55 years...28 Apr
Mick, I guess you and I are the only...3 Apr
Thanks Inky, I've missed you so i'm...30 Mar
sometimes if your side guide is all the...28 Mar
Matt, my 10x15 had a problem with the...10 Mar
most of those gears were removed and...5 Mar
Rick, i'm not worried about people...23 Feb
I am planning on setting up my ludlows...23 Feb
I started in 1961 when I was 13 years...4 Feb
you could donate it to me! I know this...3 Feb
I have used Collins and Sons for all my...2 Feb
inky is right (as usual) I have made a...18 Jan
will help you, you have my number. 5 Jan
just a couple of years ago Ed at Swamp...31 Dec
you do need a chase, you can make one...22 Dec
Inky, I used to collect brass line...21 Dec
I would try the chase and see what...19 Dec
not a fan of 3 in 1, I use the 30 wt....17 Dec
I don't think it matters as long as...16 Dec
I have a few fonts that are like this...6 Dec
looks like type that is made for foil...6 Dec
just when you think you have seen...6 Dec
someone gave me 6 or 8 of those china...5 Dec
you probably should use lock wheel...4 Dec
you might check with the company that...16 Nov
Gold 874 only comes in oil based I...15 Nov
there was a gear and a bolt to hold it...2 Nov
when I clean up an old press I just use...3 Sep
Before I move a c&p I like to close the...2 Sep
I don't use printers drawers, I go...2 Sep
try getting a sewing machine belt20 Aug
its been soooooooo hard not to, go...15 Aug
if that takes the same type as the...15 Aug
are you using gauges?? sounds like the...15 Aug
good luck getting the paint off it....15 Aug
Try either John Barrett or the Museum...11 Aug
when i'm lazy I sometimes stick small...5 Aug