8x12 C&P Ink Disk

I have a old style 8x12 C&P The ink disk is in two parts the disk moves but the inter disk looks like it should turn alone, the inter disk is free on the end of the shaft looks like it had a screw but is missing also could a gear also be missing from the end of the shaft ? A small gear sets next to it.

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there was a gear and a bolt to hold it, the inner disc would turn one way and the outer would turn the opposite, many printers took off the gear and tossed them, chances are you won’t find one.

Although it is neat feature,it is a pain to keep clean so that it operates properly and I have never met a printer who thought it made any difference in ink distribution.

I have a working ink table like this and George is right; it makes no difference in ink distribution.

But it is very cool to watch in operation.

At one point I had a bunch of the bottom gears (It takes two gears to make the center part counter-rotate) made in brass. The castings were too rough mostly, but if you don’t mind a lot of filing and a bit of drilling, I’d be happy to send one along for the cost of mailing.