Need a few Ludlow lines Casted

Have a customer wanting this open face type for their note card.

Need it in 24 point.

And also does anyone have 18 Brush Script (or Wave) on the Ludlow to cast a few lines.

The photo attached is NOT the copy, just the style she wants.

image: Robin.jpg


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Love to help. Have it all. Ludlows down. Keep me in mind for next time.

will help you, you have my number.

Option: Set it on computer,order cuts from Owosso. They do a great job. I just got some copper engravings from them, 16 gauge on cherrywood; routed. Excellent work. Brush script.

Sorry, bppayne

I only use Linotype or Ludlow slugs.

I got it set by a good friend on his Ludlow.

I have a Ludlow, just not that font.