Do X, XX, XXX or XXXX staples still exist?

Hey all, I inherited an ATF saddle stapler from a friend. It’s beautiful and well-oiled but I am having a difficult time finding staples that might work in this. The manual (that it came with) says I should use sized X (1/4”), XX (5/16”), XXX (3/8”) or XXXX (1/2”) staples depending on the paper thickness. I have looked at a few places and I feel like I get close but just not quite there. McMaster-Carr has what I believe is the correct width (9/16”) but their shortest has 9/16” legs which is probably too long for both my uses and the stapler itself. Any thoughts?

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Try Markwell Mfg.
692 Pleasant St Norwood, MA 06062
781 769 6610
Ask for Keith and tell him Ted Lavin suggested them

Thanks Ted! I will do that.

Here is a picture of this pretty beast:

image: IMG_3097.JPG


I recently acquired a saddle stapler like this. I’ve not used it yet and have no manual. Would you mind scanning the manual and uploading/sending to me?

The design of the stapler is identical to the Acme No. 1 which was a very popular unit in its day.

As you seek staples, you will be best searching for staples to fit the ACME machines, not to be confused, however, with the acme non-clinching staples that are available today.

John Henry

Check with NA Graphics.

I will be pleasantly surprised should you find a seller of replacement staples for the Acme No.1 or the slightly smaller Acme Sure-Shot Binder. To the best of my knowledge no substitute staples, beyond the originals, will work. Later boxes of Acme staples (40’s-50’s+/-) were marketed with the added name of “Staple-craft”. A number of years ago I contacted the Acme staple Co which still existed. They were of little help for the early models.

I have several boxes of Acme 465251 which are available (along with other sizes) on Amazon. These have 1/4 leg and appear to be 9/16 wide as specified in original posting. Through Staple Depot, which is the Amazon supplier, they are $38.00 for a box of 5000—which means that my supply should be under lock and key!
They work fine in my Model 9, don’t know anything about other models.