Model 31 Linotype

Does anyone know where our museum could get a distributor belt for a Model 31 Linotype? Or round belting? Thanks!

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try getting a sewing machine belt

I have a good quantity of round urethane belting. It is hollow, and you cut it to length then use metal barbs to join. Pretty easy to use, but not historically accurate if that’s a concern. You should check out the McMaster Carr website for various types of belting.

John Henry


Or check with Dave Seat at Hot Metal Services [email protected] 615-754-5500

Just had him give my C4 Intertype a tune up yesterday. He and his wife are very nice people and they travel the US doing all types of repair, rebuilding and what not on Linos and Intertypes.

Plus Ludlows, Elrods and whatever else melts metal and makes new forms with it.