Options for Kelsey 5x8 without a chase

I just want to start printing, but without a chase I have a very heavy and expensive paperweight. I tried buying a Chase-Base from Excelsior Press but since November I can’t even get a response. What can I do to print without a chase?

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You make one or have one made from 3/4” furniture grade plywood. You will not reasonably be able to use the chase edge locking screws found on most Kelsey chases. Rather, you will have to use quoins. About 3/4” wide edges to the wooden chase will work. You must be careful to not overtighten the quoins as the wood will bow easier than the steel chase. A base for photopolymer plates will lock up pretty easy. Type will be a bit more demanding, but it can be done.
Carefully note how a metal chase would seat at the bottom corners of the bed and how the clamp would fit at the top. You will have to shape and fit your wooden chase to fit the same way.

A little effort and innovation will get you printing.
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inky is right (as usual) I have made a few wooden chases for different presses I have had, they work very well.

Don K Black Linecasting Services in Toranto has a large selection of chases. I needed an additional chase for my Golding Pearl. I bought one for @ $100 plus $30 shipping to California. I had a good experience with with them and communicated through email. Good luck. (I know that feeling with just wanting to get printing! I also owned a “paperweight”.) Good luck!


Please contact us regarding a chase for your 5 x 8 Kelsey

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