Light Machine Oil

The owner’s manual for my Adana Eight Five calls for “light machine oil.” Looking up “light machine oil” on the Internet, it appears to be something like “Three-in-One” oil. I have seen other posts where folks use 20 or 30 weight non-detergent oil.
Am I OK continuing to use “Three-in-1?” Does it matter much so long as I’m keeping it oiled? Finally, how often should I oil?
I have seen a range of from a drop after every use to after every 1000 impressions. My longest run so far has been 60 Christmas cards. That would take a while!
Thanks and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

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not a fan of 3 in 1, I use the 30 wt. non detergent oil, for the table top hand presses I oil monthly, lust a touch of oil on all moving parts, the automatic presses should be oiled daily, depending on how much use they get. my table tops don’t get much use, the auto presses have run sometimes for month on the same job, if they make any different noises I would stop and oil in the middle of the day. 3 and 1 won’t hurt for a table top press, at least its oil.

I always use 3-in-1 on Adana table tops, I don’t oil all the joints every time but check the ink disk spindle and the roller saddles whenever I use one.
The saddles are a soft metal and the ends of rollers should not be allowed to run dry under the them, I have an Adana with a lot of wear in the saddles because a previous owner didn’t look after it.