Where to buy a single saddle replacement for a 10x15 C&P?

I recently fired up my press for the first run and realized that the left single saddle on the bottom roller has eroded unevenly; therefore, the roller is incorrectly inking the artwork.

I am looking for any resources that either have letterpress parts for sale, or that know of anyone/anywhere that can make a replacement part.

The rod seems to be fine (although I guess I can’t be sure quite yet), and it is just the saddle piece on the end that encases the roller that needs to be replaced.

Thank you for any an all help.

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Try either John Barrett or the Museum of Printing, John Barrett owns Letterpress Things in Chicopee, MA, and sometimes has parts, he might know where to get the part you need.

Is this press an old style or a new style?

Where are you located?

Thanks @dickg, I’ll get in touch with John.

@rmiller021 — I have a new style, and I am located in Boulder, CO.

Ok, I have an old style parts press in the yard… Not sure if the parts are compatible.