Foil Stamping onto an Eraser

Hello Everyone,I have a question about hot foil stamping. Is it possible, or adviseable, to use a hot foil stamping press like a Kingsley to print onto a novelty eraser? Attached is an image of what I would like to achieve (sorry for the quality). These erasers are from the 1980s and I have no idea how the name was printed, but it looks to be in foil. I’d like to try to replicate it but don’t want to damage my type. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

image: Erasers.jpg


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you might check with the company that supplies your foil, they should suggest which foil might work best.

something like this, you could also experiment with these newer “cold” foils. you would stamp on press with an adhesive, then lay down foil, peel back leaving your image. prob get a sample roll for free.

Follows a couple of suggestions, if they be rubbish, Apologies.:-

A. Take a quick trawl of the modern day methods for decorating, enhancing etc Vehicle/Auto tyres, Vulcanised rubber is not light years away from Pencil Erasers.???

B. possibly use a little subterfuge, coercion, etc. and enquire from Your Local advertising and promotion specialists how they would imprint Erasers, with the potential possibility of supplies of Erasers, Advertising Pens, etc. etc. (white Lie* possibly), because One is concerned about any harmful side effects from Erasers being *chewed* etc.

This syndrome was actually an issue here, U.K. a long time ago, before H. & S. were even in business. i.e. a good percentage of the supplies to our state schools were from the E.S.A. (Educational Supply Association) and were imprinted as such.

PLUS Mid Post, side issue, !!

Looked up *Air Brush* uses and applications, several (possibly) useful applications including, small scale fine detail STENCIL methods, exactly as original query, including base coats & colours.… Apologies again.