Kelsey 5x8 without a chase

Hello all,

I finally got my Kelsey all cleaned up and moving nicely. The press did not come with a chase, so I was wondering what my options are? As far as I can see, these are what I have available to me:

-Excelsior Chase-Base (which doesn’t appear to be a real option at this point)
-Boxcar Base

Will I need a chase for the Boxcar Base to work? I will only be using photopolymer plates to begin with.

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you do need a chase, you can make one out of plywood that will work very well. chases are hard to find, letterpress things in Chicopee, MA sometimes has them. Excelsior Press in Frenchtown, New Jersey might be able to help you.

I found this picture of wooden chases which might be of interrest.

image: 30698294390_2daa7bdf0b_o.jpg


Ebay is a great place to find rare parts. Set an alert for what you are looking for. A few days following your post, five Kelsey 5 x 8 chases sold on eBay. Several more were sold in the month before your post.

You could also put out a want ad on Craigslist or Kijiji - you never know what someone has lying around. I have one here that I can shoot a photo of if you need to post an image with it - just let me know and good luck in your hunt!

There are 3x5 & 6x10’s for sale on eBay right now, setting a search up is a good idea

Actually found 2 listed together


Please contact us if your are still looking for a chase.

Tom & Terr
T & T Press

The wood chase is a good art for placing on your wall, but if used if cause lockup problems. You need a good strong base for the lockup to get a good hold.

The wood chase might let the lockup get loose and fail apart.

It’s cheaper to buy a metal chase than to make a wooden one unless your time has no value. I have a few wooden chases that I use when the job requires it. You need to be aware of the limitations.