Windmill - Lever(s) for register lay - worn out.

The Heidelberg manual (page 59) shows how to do the micro adjustment of the bottom guides. I was doing my first tight register job and discovered that the levers for register lay(s) items T 0224 and T 0225 in the parts manual are stripped and you can not raise or lower the lay bar using the adjusting screws and nuts.
The lay bar has two small springs that hold it up against the two levers, so as a work around I would loosen the nut and screw and press the bar down against the spring and slip in small brass and copper shims to make small adjustments to the angle of the lay bar and then retighten the screw and nut.
My question has anyone run into this issue before? If so how difficult is it to replace these levers?
These two small levers may be hard to find, expensive and it looks like replacing them especially the LHS might be difficult. Are there other options here?
Any advice would be appreciated.

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when i’m lazy I sometimes stick small pieces of index or chipboard on the gauge pins, or you can move the form in the chase if you have room.

Here are a picture of the parts. I have circled them in the picture.

image: Lays.png


After more research I have discovered that these levers are not stripped because they were never threaded in the first place. The adjusting bolts are both missing their collars, which is why I can’t make the micro adjustments. I am not sure how I will fix this.

Both the adjusting bolts have broken off at the point where the taper pins held them on.
Found a prior post that helps show how the lay bar is removed and get in to deal with this issue.

It seems pretty common for the adjusting screws to be broken, bent, or stripped.

If you have the whole thing apart and there isn’t damage to the blocks then you can easily replace the adjusting screw and collar for each side. I believe it’s part T0237. Whittenburg ( stocks them if you’re in the states.

Word of warning- they are definitely not cheap. The last set I purchased was around $130 for the pair.

Good luck!