C&P 8x12 counter-rotating ink disc help

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There was a recent discussion on the counter-rotating ink disc at http://www.briarpress.org/46310

With the help from Fritz at NA Graphics, I just got my C&P 8x12 NS press up and running. It is equipped with a counter-rotating disc that I’d like to try and get working.

Can anyone help me out and tell me what parts I am missing to get it working? Please see the photos below.

Press with ink disc off

Press with big disc on

Press with both discs on

Underside of press and discs

I look forward to hearing from you all soon.


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Looks like all you need is the large bevel gear that mirrors the one on the underside of the big disk.

It also looks like the inner disk is sitting slightly proud of the large disk… that should be resolved first.

The inner disc and the recess for it probably have accumulated ink that needs to be removed in order to get them to be flush. And after you get the system working you will want to periodically remove the inner disc and clean, as washup solvent will carry ink into that area on every washup.


The inner disc was left proud to show it off. It normally sits nice and flat against the bigger disc.

While continuing to search I came across this blog post that shows the gear I am missing quite nicely:

Thanks AnonyMouse and AdLibPress for your input. It came in handy. Now I just need to find a gear…


You might try to contact Churchman in Indianapolis — the warehouse Dave kept full of letterpress stuff before he died is I believe still there and being administered by his son. Worth a shot. I think he’s listed on BP.


most of those gears were removed and tossed, you might get lucky but your press will print just fine without it.

No Longer Lost:

Some years ago I had some brass gears cast using my original gears for the 8x12 OSas the model. The idea was that I’d clean up the castings and sell them at a modest profit. That never happened, but I still have the rough castings (emphasis on rough) of both the bottom and intermediate gear. If you want I can send you one of those for shipping and a bit. I can send you some photos so you know what you’re in for.

I have a 1904 8x12 old style with the split disk just like yours. When I purchased it, it was missing that gear. I found what I think was a mid 40’s new style all rusted out. I was able to remove the gear and it fit the old style. So they are out there. Good luck.

Arie Koelewyn:

I sent you an email. I am interested in the casting.


Yesterday I was helping a local company set up a 10x15 C&P that they just acquired. It has the inner disk, but it is recessed about 1/32” below the outer disk on one side, so the ink will not distribute in the low areas. I took the whole assembly off the press and tried to pound on the inner stem from the back, but they appear to be well stuck together. Is this just a matter of soaking in solvent and working to loosen it up?

Also I haven’t taken apart one before, but it seems odd that the inner disc could rest lower than the outer. Are there shims or something for adjustment?


Matt, my 10x15 had a problem with the center of the inner disc not taking ink, I tried everything I could think of but still no luck. The ink rollers looked good but were old, so I bought new rollers and that solved the problem.