Gummie Rollers

Well my whole family went out today, leaving a bag of gummie bears on the counter, had to try them, darn that winking cat, i told the family i was thinking about this and they said not our gummie bears, sure hope they don’t miss a few dozen. Thought i would try some 3x5 kelsey rollers, it has so far gone well, i’m going to let them cool for i while before i unwrap them. i thought this was a joke when i first saw the post, but after trying this i can’t believe its this easy. Dick G.

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So, you’ve denied gummie bears from the family and offered them over to cockroaches?


Ah! Just put a bear matrix in the old Ludlow, put the used rollers in the pot and re-cast!

If you can’t recast them as circut5 suggested, cut them into small chunks and use them in fruit cake!

Good work Dick! You’ve taken a step away from the “you can’t do that” crowd….

I’ve gotten a few hundred e-mails about the Gummie Bear Rollers in the last few years….. and almost everyone who has tried them likes them. Slowly but steadily the idea has caught on….. in spite of some rather curmudgeonous comments from folks who have never tried them.

The only two problems I’ve heard about are: 1- the rolled paper mold sticking to the roller (use PAM to prevent this) and 2- the rollers being too soft, especially in hot weather. To fix the softness issue, only use Gummies which list gelatin as the first ingredient, not sugar, gums, or starches…… and cook them for a little longer.

Has your family complained yet?

mine? no….. they are cool with me being semi-nuts!

They hid the gummie bears, i’ll have to really search for them. Winking, who said you are semi? Dick G.

I’m willing to at least try this someday…

….and are there step by step instructions online somewhere concerning how to make the molds? If there is, I’ve missed them.
I have some 3x5 cores I’d like to try this on.