Paper cutter blade supplier?

I recently purchased a Paragon paper cutter without the blade, any recommendations on a place to get a blade? How much should I be expecting to pay for a new blade?



image: paragon cutter

paragon cutter

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You don’t say where you are located. Mid Atlantic Knife Co. in Ashland, VA ( supply a custom-made blade for that cutter, I am sure — it may even be a stock size, though I doubt it for an old cutter like that. They would need the width and length of the blade (should be obtainable from the blade holder) and the exact position of the bolts that hold the blade on the holder. I got a new blade from them for a 23 inch cutter and I think it was about $100 (the invoice is there and I’m here).


I’m located just outside of Minneapolis, MN. I’ll try Mid Atlantic and see if they can help.