Need help with my C&P

I have an old style 8x12 C&P, and it is still a bit new to me so I am struggling with some fine tuning issues…

I have an image block locked up in the chase (magnesium, type high on wood, from owosso) right now, and i have been pulling prints ok, but the rollers are hitting and inking the quion and furniture that is in the lower portion of the chase.

right now, it doesn’t affect the project- just some small cards, but I am wondering the long term affects on the rollers, (they are new) and if it will get messy when the edition gets up to 500 or so? ( and ruin my quoin?)

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

also: I am looking for a replacement feed board, if anyone knows of a source.


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are the rollers inking the furniture or could it be when you put the chase in the press the bottom of the chase comes in contact with the rollers, that’s what happens to me, good luck dick g.


If your rollers are not set properly and inking the form and quoin, etc I wouldn’t worry about ruining the quoin….you can ruin your rollers and that can be costly. You should check and see if your rollers are set at type high and are functioning correctly.


Lockup of the form is another potential problem. Make sure that the form is not springing up, that furniture and quoins are seated and the printing elements are planed. Springiness can be felt (and heard) during planing.
Also make sure that the quoins are placed away from the guide edges of the paper; that is, bottom and (usually) left sides of form should only have furniture, quoins should be top and (usually) right. Having a quoin at the bottom of the form is not right. Many do it to accomodate an oversize base, but it still isn’t right. Mis-register can result when forms are retightened to different pressures.

thanks for the advice, I am sure that the rollers are continually hitting the quoin, and not just as I load it in— I didn’t know there was a standard for placement as you locked up, I will swap it around. I don’t think it is springing up but I will make sure.

I have never used a roller gauge, not sure how to make sure the rollers are set properly? Can someone walk me through doing that? ( I know boxcar sells them….if i order one, will it come with explanation enough?)

Thanks for such prompt advice!

Box Car Press has a training video on their website on how to use a roller gauge.