Is this a good press for me to buy? C&P pics attached

Hello all!

I’m looking to buy a letterpress, as I’ve been pursuing it as a hobby for a year, and now I want to make some wedding invitations. I found one (picture attached) which is a C&P 8X12 (I believe) new style press for sale near my dads house (my dad owns a farm equipment dealership/repair shop and will be able to move it for me).

I’m a novice at letterpress, having only been taught on a Vandercook Proof Press and Kelsey 3.5X5 press.

The listing for this C&P doesn’t say much of anything about the press, but it does list its serial number: b56322. And it does say that a man owned it and used it right up until he passed away. I don’t know when that was (waiting to hear back from owner of this press).

A little research indicates to me that this is a press from the 1920s or a little earlier, but I could be wrong. I really know nothing about C&P’s.

Does anybody live near Windsor, CA, who could come check this out with me and give me their opinion on whether it’s in good working condition?

Let me know, and thanks so much for your help!


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Based on the Chandler and Price Company’s serial number list, the press is a New Style and was manufactured in 1917. From the photo it looks like it was indeed used right up to the point where the owner died. I’d look it over for obvious problems but at first glance it appears fine, just in need of a good cleaning.

My first press was an 8x12 and it is a good press. This one looks like it at least comes with some ink and I’d try and get any other accessories that might be laying around as part of the deal. It has a counter and brake and since there is a belt around the flywheel and a switch under the delivery board I’m assuming a motor is connected also.

Since the press was in use I’m assuming there is at least one chase but be sure to ask if there are more. One time I moved two presses and a number of parts had ended up becoming hidden behind various things in the messy garage. A thorough search found everything.


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Thanks so much!!! It’s fascinating I could own a press so old! How cool! I’m still at the point where I’m in need of some serious hand-holding as I search for a press…I’m definitely going to see if I can find a professional or more experienced hobbyist who lives near this press who I can pay to come look at it with me.

Thanks for the tips on asking about what the press comes with/searching around for items. I haven’t heard back yet from the owner, but it sounds like it was her husband’s or friends and that the person currently selling it doesn’t know much about it (that’s what the posting said).