C&P 8x12 measurements

Hey everyone!

I need some help. I am looking into buying a C&P 8x12. I was hoping someone could tell me the exact dimensions of one…mostly, how wide at the widest point, and how deep. I need to figure this out to see if it can fit in the doorway of my house, and down some stairs.

Any help would be great!!!

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Hey…I almost just bought one in Texas, so I’ve got all the numbers. Remember, these are top-heavy and the castings are prone to cracking.

For a new style press (from a pdf of the catalog):

Weight: 1050 pounds, 1250 pounds crated.

Floor space, assembled: 41x48

Door width needed:
36” assembled
27” with crank shaft, thus flywheel and throw-off lever removed
18” if you strip it to its principle castings (not at all recommended.)

Any single part of the press should be light enough that two people can move it by hand if entirely disassembled…But that would be about the most masochistic way of doing it.

Keep in mind that you might need a gear puller to get the flywheel off, and they are top-heavy. The stairs will be interesting, and a rigger might be a good idea if it is a whole flight. There are a few tutorials out there from people who have done this before…A google search should yield them.

Good luck!

You are awesome! That is exactly what I needed!
May I ask why you decided against buying the one in TX? Was it something about this type of press?

It was exactly what I wanted…A new style 8x12, ink fountain, good disk, treadle, hardly any rust, etc. I even have 4 spare 8x12 chases that I currently use with a proof press. I can keep a bunch of formes locked at the same time that way.

The problem was mainly that I don’t have the room for it. With galley racks, type cases and other presses, I would have had to cram the thing in with no easy way to access parts or oil points. It was very tempting, but logic prevailed. I might be moving next year, and the logic will change :)