All the little spaces in between

Hey all. I acquired 2 cabinets full of type, but with almost no spaces. Can anyone recommend a good source for all those little em’s, en’s, 3-em’s, 4-em’s and so on? Preferably on the east coast.


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John Barrett of Letterpress Things in Chicopee MA sells it by weight. I don’t believe he ships, so you’d have to make the trip, but it would be well worth it.

You could also check the Yellow Pages here on Briar Press for other suppliers.

NA Graphics sells it as well, but I think you have to buy by the pound and of course it would need to be shipped.

Give Don Black a call.
He is in Toronto

quaker city type, they are in the yellow pages on this site,they sell sets of spaces . good luck dick g.

John B at Letterpress Things will ship, and he’ll also make up a point-size kit (some of each size spacer for that point size) for you!

Thanks so much for the info.